Hi This is Wei

I’ve been working as a communication/digital designer for more than 3 years, I came from a strong sense of branding in regards to identity, strategy, and creative direction. Everything from branding to user experience. My experience continues to expand further with UI design, website design, graphic animation and utilizing social media to launch digital designs with the goal to increase brand and event awareness.

I am effectively bilingual in English, Chinese and process learning French. This will allow me to communicate freely in a team that has different cultural backgrounds. My inspiration is to explore the cross collaboration between technology and design.

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I help start-ups get off their feet. Everything from branding to user experience. My clients across a wide range of industries, from entertainment to pharmaceutical company. 

How would you describe your approach to design?

My key word is meaningful. Creating something that functions and is beautiful is the first step; creating something the impacts the world -- that is where true success lies. it’s really important to understand all the factors involved in a creative challenge (e.g. the audience, the business landscape) before working on visual solutions. I explore many avenues while brainstorming since there’s never only one ‘right’ answer.

What makes exciting about a project?

When I’m given a project where the client has no idea what they want to do, that’s really exciting. I brained storm with clients, sometimes even though 99% of what I do ends up in the trash can, the ability to explore nearly as many avenues as I want is exciting.


Adobe AE/PS/AI, Sketch, Processing, Flinto. 

User Interface Design, Motion Graphics, Branding, Concept Development, Data Visualization, Design Research.